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Thursday 28 April 2011

Hotel Chocolat Easter Sale

For some reason, egg-shaped chocolate tastes better. It's just one of those facts of life (like buses turning up in threes) and the best thing to do is embrace the egg yumminess while we can.

Hotel Chocolat's end of season sales are always fantastic, here's a look at the Easter goodies you can buy for cheaps.

This FRICKIN' HUGE caramel chocolate egg has one cookie dough shell, and one smooth caramel one. It's got little Easter treats inside too. It was £24 on Sunday. Now it's £12.

Want little tiddy robots in your egg? These little guys are £7 instead of £14.

And there's even some little chocolate chicks for £2.50. Who cares if you've eaten eleventy six eggs this week? One more won't hurt.


  1. CHOCOLATE ROBOTS! *ignores fractures foot and runs/hobbles to hotel chocolat*

  2. I'm off to their shop today, in an attempt to avoid the postage costs. They have such great bargains after Christmas and Easter.

  3. Their postage costs are high BUT! They've got a long list of titles you can choose from. Their goodies come addressed to Baroness Sian. That's worth paying three quid for.


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