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Friday 29 April 2011

Eight Hours of Fame

One of my worst habits is watching TV in bed until the wee hours. Nothing particularly interesting, either. I've been known to fall asleep watching shopping channels at 2am. I have no idea why I've got into this habit, but I do know it's very bad for me. So the TV in the bedroom must go. Before I start having crazy Ring-based TV dreams and never sleep again.

Instead, I'll buy these TV pillowcases from LifestyleBazaar for £24. They're snuggly and cute, and you'll get your mug on TV while you're sleeping (or you can frame your pretty face while you snooze instead). You'll get eight hours of fame rather than fifteen minutes. And I might get a decent nights sleep.


  1. Just seen these - gorgeous! Having just given my spare bedding to the charity shop by accident I need a load of new linens *weeps*

  2. These are awesome. I have to admit that blank screen just begs to be painted in with TV show art.


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