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Friday 8 April 2011

My Baby Rocks: Tutu Cute

If you are a mum, or a cool aunt, or an awesome godmother, or a generous big sister, or just happen to have a vague connection to someone who owns a small female infant, I challenge you to resist the adorable charm of this tutu two-piece gift set from My Baby Rocks, $USD38.95. The onesie is made of organic cotton, and with the cute little pink cupcake on the front it's almost like it was MADE for the children of Domestic Sluttery fans.

There's also this sweet black and white chandelier set for $USD37.99, for your future interior decorator.

And my absolute favourite, one for the zombie slayers of tomorrow ($USD36.99).


  1. I love these! I wish I could wear a tutu. Those adorable babies have all the fun!

  2. I know, it doesn't seem right. Bunch of lazy non-contributors.


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