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Thursday 26 September 2013

OMG Chocolate Hippos!

I've been gagging to write about BarĂº chocolate hippos since I saw them at the John Lewis Christmas event back in July - touch me, it was amazing.

Bless its little face.

They've just gone on sale and they are a) scrumptious and b) utterly cheering. How can you not love a dreaming hippo? Particularly one you can UNWRAP AND EAT. Wait. Oh. That was a bit sad.

These particular hippos come in packs of three for £2.50, or eight for £5. They are individually wrapped to save you shovelling them all in at once like some kind of immoral food beast.

My colleagues are men of taste, or at least, men who like dark chocolate, so they loved the now obligatory sea salted caramel ones. We were all a bit iffy about forest berry caramel, but then we're all of the mind that fruit in chocs is wrong and would either leave the strawberry and orange cremes in Quality Street, or violently stamp on them.

I have the chocolate tastes of a child, so milk chocolate works for me. Almond and pecan praline? Mmm.

Ultimately these just make me think of the Moomins, which I love. Obviously I just googled "Moomins" and came across this cute-slash-terrifying intro from the TV show which I didn't watch and am frankly quite glad I didn't. TERRIFYING. Back to the books, thanks all the same.

Enough of that. Let's cheer ourselves back up again with this giant chocolate robin I saw at Christmas in July. OH HAI!


  1. What a great article - certainly made me smile this afternoon when it only just dawned on me that it's only Thursday!

    The hippos almost look to pretty to eat (almost - you cannot get between me and cute confectionary)

    I can't wait to get some food based entries on my blog - I've already spotted a couple of your posts which I'm hoping to link my readers to!

  2. I have that exact same picture of the chocolate robin on my phone. Twinsies.


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