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Monday 16 September 2013

Home Movie Magic

One of the best things about the approaching winter is the complete lack of guilt you feel about not getting out and enjoying the sunshine. I spent yesterday afternoon at a friend's house watching the entire second series of Girls and it was the best Sunday fun I'd had in ages. In honour of more time spent in the dark, here are five bits of homewares inspired by the magic of the movies.

This cinema type board from Goodwin + Goodwin is my new favourite thing to play with. It's a metal board and you slide the letters in and out to create your own messages. You can go for the inspirational, as shown above, use it to set what's on the agenda for the telly this evening, or utilise it as the fanciest reminder to get bread and milk you've ever seen. It's £74.95.

To go really fancy with your home viewings, or to tart up a present, grab yourself a roll of this Admit One washi tape. It's only £2.25 from Chamby and Cor's Etsy shop.

Let's not kid ourselves - one of cinema's greatest contributions to our lives is the accompanying snackage, whether hot dogs, greasy nachos or a huge tub of popcorn. For serving in style, Pedlars are selling these vintage popcorn holders - actually old deadstock from old US sport matches, but sure to add to the atmosphere of any US college-based film you happen to be watching.

A more regular issue popcorn holder is available from Dotcomgiftshop for £1.95, and a final serving suggestion has to be the Admit One tray from Fishs Eddy. Don't forget our popcorn recipe!

But the glamour a cinema outing doesn't need to end there. These Alfred tripod lamps from Made, are inspired by classic Hollywood lighting and sure to cast a flattering light upon your lounge. They're £149 each.

But to get really ready for your close-up, surely the ultimate film fantasy has to be a light-up mirror? Illuminated Mirrors have a whole range of Hollywood mirrors in stock with prices starting at £149.

Now, you've got the lights, all that's missing is the cameras and some action ... well, the lying on your sofa stuffing your face with popcorn type of action anyway.

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