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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Head to Toe: Purple

The very best thing about autumn fashion is all of the beautiful jewel colours.  It's all dark reds and emerald greens. I'm smitten over teal, but I wear that all year round (I'm head to toe in teal today as I type this), but there's one gorgeous colour that doesn't get much of an outing in warmer months: purple.

Hats seem to divide you guys. Either you love them, or you feel a bit silly when you try them on. This retro beret is lined in teal silk and £115 from Boticca. Try it, you might just find a hat you love and then discover a very expensive accessory habit.

Oh, this purple lace bra is perfect. Just when I start to lose faith in Topshop, they whip out something like this. It's £18.

Is this leather bag maroon or purple? It's a tough call, but since it's so beautiful it can stay. It's £99.

All of my Clueless dreams are coming true with this cropped cable sweater. It's £65 from the ever-impressive &OtherStories.

Oh, I do with I could wear these but it would look like I'd only bothered to get half-dressed. These purple trousers are in the sale at Joy, so they're just £20.

More purple sale goodies - this miniskirt from Mango is just £12.99.

This shift dress is perfect, isn't it? The leopard print trim is gorgeous. As ever, Oasis fill my wardrobe with beautiful things that I can wear to meetings. This is £59.

These shiny shoes are gorgeous. And I can walk in them! And they're only £35. Nice work, ASOS. Nice work indeed.


  1. Love the cropped jumper. And the shoes too.

    I used to be obsessed with purple. I had a purple quilted satin bomber jacket which I wore with purple cycling shorts. Yeah, I rocked the streets of Grimsby.

    1. I used to wear a LOT of purple in my goth/rock days. Thing is, it was never the right colour. And looked quite ridiculous with my dark purple lipstick. I have such a crush on those purple shoes. Actually, might go and buy those purple shoes right this second.


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