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Friday 27 September 2013

Sluttery Sales Spy: Office, Joy & New Look

Payday is close, yet far away. The good news is, we can still buy loads of stuff, because I've been raking around the virtual sales rails, gathering bargains hither and tither. I even refrained from buying them all before you had a chance to get your purses out. I am good that way. Always giving. 


Blanket print smock dress, £19.50 (was £28), ASOS

There are days, cold and unforgiving, when I wonder if it would be socially acceptable to wear my blanket as a dress. I've yet to succumb to the lure of blanketular dressing, but this smock dress from ASOS is the next best thing. I can't vouch for its cosiness, but just looking at that cheery granny-patchwork print will warm the cockles of your heart. That warmth will then radiate outwards, rendering you The Warmest Person. Look at this dress as £19.50 off your heating bills, every time you wear it.

Louche Bechet midi dress, £50 (was £79), Joy

Well, hello. Could this Bechet dress from Joy be any prettier? It's been an object of lust since Sian wrote about it back in May. Basically, it's the finest pistachio gelato, sprinkled with the crystallised tears of angels. I love the slim gold belt, too. Pistachio-gelato-with-angel-tear-topping me up, please.


Cut-out handbag, £17.50 (was £22), ASOS

I'd never really been into this shape of bag UNTIL Frances wrote about Brit-Stitch's half pint bag and then suddenly I too wanted to store my stuff in a little gibbous moon. This cut-out handbag from ASOS is a gorgeous pick-me-up shade of blue, and the perfect size for exciting mini-adventures.

Dune Laura bag, £45 (was £65), ASOS

"SHE'S A RIGHT BAG, THAT LAURA." Why yes, yes I am - I am the LAURA BAG. Here I am in the photo opening my mouth and ROARING at you in all my shiny, sophisticated glory. Sophisticatedly roaring, you understand.


Shellys Kika pumps, £32 (was £64.99), New Look

I LOVE THESE. I could live without the bow, actually - bit superfluous to requirements - but its not a deal breaker. I want bejewelled feet right now.

H by Hudson Horringan boots, £95 (was £145), Office

Dark green suede brings out my inner Robin Hood. Really, if you think about it, I am a sort of Sales Spy Robin Hood. I steal from those rich fashion brands to help you stock your poor, needy wardrobes. I use a bow and arrow and everything. I'll admit I've failed a little bit here, showing you these H by Hudson boots, because they're £95, but even outlaws have to suggest investment buys sometimes. Me and the Merry Men are all getting a pair to wear down the forest tonight.  

NOTE TO THE POLICE: I don't actually steal the things. 
FOLLOW-UP NOTE TO THE POLICE: There is no bow and arrow. 
FURTHER NOTE TO THE POLICE: I won't be carrying on in any forests tonight.


Me & Zena Less More earrings, £16 (was £23) and Rich Poor earrings, £17.50 (was £25), ASOS

And that leads us nicely to Me & Zena's Rich Poor earrings. Aren't they splendid? Also splendid: their Less More earrings. I'm into this mismatched earring thing. I like OPTIONS.

Designhype Paris Metro cuff, £14 (was £23.68), Fab

We already love Designhype's underground map cuffs. This Paris metro one is just £14, and will make you feel all French and fancy. Like a giant French Fancy. Yum. Don't mistakenly eat yourself.


Nose or ear cuff, £3.50 (was £5), ASOS

Anne Hathaway here, recreating Jodie Foster's Silence of the Lambs moth face with a RIDICULOUS jabby, pointy thing up her nose. I mean, WHAT even is it? How would one eat? Kiss? Be taken seriously ever again?


What have you been buying this week? Did you miss me last week? Did you even notice I wasn't here? 





  1. The green dress is so beautiful. But not if you've got tits.

  2. A fellow Laura B!

    This week I've mostly been buying cake, bagels and today I invested in a new hair dryer as mine is in dismal condition and QVC have a rather nice one in easy payments making it cheap as chips to try out - I currently am on the hunt for a new bag though which won't break my bank- any suggestions?

  3. Oh dear Sian! Is that serious problem? Cos I've got some tits and I was thinking about wearing it for my 30th birthday bash in Nov? I don't have a Joy where I live so I was just gonna chance it. Oh sad face :(


    1. I love the shape but it's not their best dress. To be honest I think they've got much nicer winter stuff in, that looks better made, around the fifty quid mark. I fear this will be hard to dress once winter really hits. On the plus side, I think it'll reduce again in a couple of weeks!

    2. Will continue my quest then - cheers Sian!

    3. Coco Fennel might be then answer:

  4. Just got the blanket dress as a pay day treat (except it isn't pay day till Monday) but I did need cheering up - great find Laura x


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