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Thursday 5 September 2013

Sting in the Tail: Booze for your Bath!

I don't know about you, but one of my favourite things to do is lie in a bath with something boozy. Inevitably my relaxation will be cut short by PURE TERROR caused by the cat leaping silently up onto the side and rubbing her tail against by my head, but up until then, it will have been the best thing ever.

Usually I'm a big fan of some Waitrose olive oil and jojoba bath foam and a ton of Epsom salts to soothe my legs after running, but gin? In my bath? Move aside Waitrose, there's no room for you here anymore.

Sting in the Tail's range of pretty bath products don't all involve booze, but they're all inspired (and I've picked all the boozy ones so, y'know, wevs). This Gin & Tonic bathing gel is £7 at Murdock, down from £14, and comes in a lovely glass bottle. PRETTY.

Prefer some G&T soap? That'll be £3.60 to you from Sammie Fred. 

Or how about harnessing the power of sixth form and a lethal pint of Scrumpy?


Put some bubbles in your bath for £7, down from £14.

Oh it's quite clearly got to be Champagne. (The Champers bathing gel is £10 down from £20, again at Murdock).

Mmm. This is giving me all sorts of ideas. *runs home immediately, drains cocktail cabinet*

Of course, strictly speaking, if you're going to have a bath of booze, you should really drink something appropriate. This Bathtub Gin is £32.94 from Masters of Malt. Hic.

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