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Monday 2 September 2013

Etsy Pick: Pop & Moo

If an Etsy shop describes itself as kawaii, kitsch, cute AND adorable, it's pretty much guaranteed that I'll want almost everything it sells. I put this theory to the test when I stumbled upon Pop & Moo, and yup - please may I buy it all, dear bank manager?

First on my list is this pair of Zap and Pow shoes - since I'm wearing my brand-new Wonder Woman onesie while writing this (George at Asda, £12 - it has zippy pockets for superhero paraphernalia like tissues, cough sweets and biscuits and EVERYTHING), it's only fitting that my feet are as awesome and kick-ass as the rest of me.

Pop & Moo is the labour of love of Kim, a designer-maker living and working in Northampton. She's a lady who adores cats as much as Team Sluttery - the shop is named after and inspired by her own two feline friends. A read of her About page is wonderfully uplifting, plus you get a look at her moggies.

It figures then, that cats feature heavily in Kim's designs. The star of the show is this pair of cat face mary janes, which surely must be modelled on little Pop. 

And this pair must be modelled on a very cheeky blue kitty. We all know one of those. 

It's not all cats and comic books, though. The other essentials of life - tea and cake - are covered, too. 

Grinning clouds are the very epitome of kawaii. When they've got rosy cheeks and a bow in their nebulous hair, their cute points rise to oh, about 1543 out of a possible 1552 (those extra points can be achieved with rainbows and raindrops). 

And look! It turns out clouds are just a scissor-snip away from being bunnies. Adorable. 

I'm mad about Pop & Moo's shoes, but they also sell cutesome hairclips, necklaces, brooches and more. The shoes are £19.70 a pair, and most designs are available in sizes 4-7 (you can have a pair made specially, though, so do contact Kim directly if you can't find your size). 

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