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Monday 30 September 2013

Gillian Kyle's Baby & Kids Range


Babies are pretty cute, right? I had never held a baby until last month. Yup, 33 years and 10 months of never, ever holding a baby due to an immense fear of dropping one that didn't belong to me. I'd like to say that when I finally succumbed to peer pressure and cradled a wriggling poppet for the first time, my maternal instinct soared and I was a complete natural, but instead I just said, "Oh! I thought it would be more like a cat!". The baby in question was - of course - lovely and beautiful and warm and made little chirruping noises, and since I didn't drop her, there's no stopping me now. I will cuddle your baby. I'm making up for lost time. Watch me go. Obviously I'll cuddle your cat, too, but that was always a given. 

One way in which babies trump cats is their ability to be dressed up (although...). We're already rabid fans of Gillian Kyle, and her range of baby and kids' clothes makes a cute thing even cuter. Imagine your favourite wee rascal adorned with your favourite teatime treat! This Tunnock's teacake babygro is £16.50 and comes in sizes 3-6 months or 12-18 months.  

Can you wean a baby with haggis? I'll leave that up to you. What you definitely CAN do is buy said baby a haggis bib to make mealtimes a) more fun, and b) a bit cleaner. It's £8.50.

Toddlers needn't feel left out, thanks to this Mother's Pride baseball tee, available in blue or pink. Mega-cute and just £8.50! Altogether now: AW. 

Slightly bigger kids get in on the action with these Tunnock's teacake tees. This extra-special foil print version is £18.50 and comes in sizes 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 years. A red and white non-foil tee is just £10.50 and comes in two sizes to fit ages 6 to 8. 

Check out the rest of Gillian's childrenswear, then treat yourself to a full-size something or other from her gorgeous range of grown-up goodies. I'll cuddle your baby while you browse. 


  1. Your bit about the cat made me laugh so much! Babies are great - they're well worth cuddling (though make sure it's been well-burped first... baby puke doesn't wash out easily!). And I wish Tunnocks Teacake baby suits had been around when my (just-turned-16) baby was little - I'd have bought one in every colour! The best one we had was a vest his dad brought back from a trip to USA, which said "Poop Happens". Cool...

  2. I love seeing baby stuff on DS!
    I'm 7 months pregnant at the moment and I'm struggling to find a baby equivalent of Domestic Sluttery (e.g funny, down to earth, shows off amazing stuff that you don't see elsewhere) so I fully support you showing more cute kiddie stuff in future now you have hugged your first baby (which is an absolutely terrifying moment in everyone's life)


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