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Thursday 19 September 2013

Tall Girl Treat: Gap Tall, & Other Stories, Topshop

Really naughtily for someone who is supposed to be going through the high street cutting a swathe through tall fashion with a really big stick, I succumb to thoughts of "Oh God, I don't want to try there, they never have anything and I'll feel sad", and thus end up haunting the same old trusted stores.

My friend Amy produced the most amazing pair of black trousers after dinner recently and after I'd tried them on and found them to be exactly the right length, revealed they were from & Other Stories, the very sexy older sister to H&M. Predictably, when I went through the website to conjure up some perfect trews for you lot, all they had were cropped ones and 33" ones which aren't much use to us - but now we know, it's time to keep an eye on it and stick heads through doors when passing. They were bloody nice trousers. As are those yellow ones. Woof.

Another surprise has been Gap. I haven't bought trousers from them since I was about 15,  because shortly after they stopped doing anything long. BOO! But now they've brought them back. YAY!

There's a whole range of various tall-fit things, from basic tops to coats. It might be contradictory to start off with cropped trousers in this case, but I have become boringly converted to them this summer and am ridiculously keen to keep this through to autumn, albeit with the help of some industrial pop socks. These come in three fantastic patterns: this very flattering one, a large check and sort of pink crosses called 'lantern' (love those strange fashion people.) They're £34.99 and the whole tall range goes from size 6 to 20.

I bloody love a polo neck, me. Or a turtle neck in this case: this one has a smidgeon of silk in it which is very good indeed. It comes in eight colours, and the insanity namers have been at it again - I have huge Steel Magnolias admiration for 'powerful blue.' (This one pictured is ivory frost, but she's blonde so let's just call it Emma Frost and have done.) It's £24.95 and an online exclusive. Sexy.

Ignore the fact this poor love is cut in half for a minute and focus on the piping,the sleeves and the shape of this rather fine blazer (£54.95). Good times. It also comes in navy, as everything ever made should if people know what is good for them.

Double breasted anything looks terrible on me, so incredibly selflessly I present this excellent trench (navy, see above) to those who can pull it off. Don't mind me, just go about your double breasted witchcraft ways. It's £59.95.

And finally, and going wildly off-piste for a moment because Gap doesn't do tall skirts and its dresses are an abomination of shirt and denim, but mostly because I really fancy it, I present this Topshop tube skirt. It's 22 quid and it is utterly banging. Bring on autumn parties, preferably in space and with David Bowie.

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  1. Hoorah! Tall Girl Treat Fame! Can happily say that a lot of other &OS stuff seems to be tall-people-friendly (dresses particularly) so maybe it's the Scandinavian influence. Sorry they didn't have more good trousers when you looked but deffo worth persisting.

    Also GAP - yes! I bought a standard white shirt from them the other day and THE SLEEVES! Oh, the sleeves! Proper long sleeve length! As well as really well-proportioned body length for a six-footer.

    You would definitely rock that skirt. Do it, if you haven't already.


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