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Thursday 26 September 2013

Watch the Birdies

I'm a bit bored now of commenting how the trend for putting birds ON EVERYTHING is still ongoing (but probably not as bored as you are by me commenting on how this trend is still ongoing). But, like the fickle creature of fashion I am, I've come out the other side and am loving all things bird related once again.

I'm blaming this rather wonderful bag, the Birdie print weekender, available for £39 from Accessorize. Dots! Birds! A very practical size! I was sold, and I also remembered the cheering effect of a nice bird pattern. From then on, it was a slippery slope.

In a desire to be cool that I probably should have grown out of by now, I try and avoid anything Cath Kidston related. But it's just so hard. Especially when she produces a pattern as gorgeous as that on this Garden birds skirt. And being Cath Kidston, the pattern is available on almost everything I could ever dream of - from dresses to brollies to garden kneeler sets. This skirt is £40.

Zara Home are making all my favourite homewares at the moment - my Pinterest board is like a shrine to their designs. I love how luxurious this bird cushion cover looks, available for £39.99.

And the perfect accompany accessory to that cushion has to be this Swan flight lampshade, a typically gorgeous offering from Anthropologie at a typically wishful thinking £74.

For now, I might just try and keep my birdie obsession nice and simple with something like this blue zig zag bird brooch. It's made by Melanie Tomlinson and is available for £30 from Howkapow. It'll look great with a new purple jumper, and however many more birdie accessories I choose to wear with it.


  1. There's a backpack of the bird bag too! *excited* My brain is now doing the whole 'you do not need another bird print rucksack' vs 'but I do need a new bag, and it's my birthday soon, and it's pretty!' argument...

    1. I think the fact it's your birthday beats everything else Laura - birthdays can be used to justify all bag purchases!

  2. I'm assuming you're familiar with the 'put a bird on it' sketch in Portlandia?

    Makes me big laugh every time I see it. Any any time I see things with birds on...


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