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Monday 16 September 2013

Dream Lace Dresses

Think of lace as a gateway fabric from summer to winter. I think we're all agreed that the time for flimsy summer dresses is over, but I'm not ready - weather-wise or psychologically - to break out my long sleeve heavy winter frocks. So hooray for lace, adding not only sensible autumnal coverage but also automatic sophistication.

It's not often that a dress makes me stop in my tracks - in the rain, no less - outside a shop and gaze at it in awe. But this bird print dress from Oasis, with its peter pan collar and lace detail at the top, has seen inside my heart. Let's have a close up of that glorious print:

Well done, Oasis. It's a fairly reasonable £55 and I don't think you should count on this one reaching the sales - it'll be snapped up.

Anyone else have a favourite ASOS model? I will buy pretty much anything this lady wears. I want to be her friend. I bet she gives great life advice over a few cocktails. Today she's convinced me that I absolutely need this Paper Dolls lace waistband dress in navy and white. It also comes in berry and black but I don't like that model, so whatever. It's £52, although a cream version has snuck into the sale at £36.

Does everyone really have a little black dress in their wardrobe? It's one of those "wardrobe staples" that has passed me by, mainly because it sounds fairly dull compared to, say, a bird print dress. But this Ted Baker knitted black dress with a lace chest and sleeves could convince me to invest in one. It's £119 but you'd keep it forever. If Teddy B doesn't have your size, you can get it from House of Fraser or ASOS (where you can watch a sullen model walk up and down in it).

Back to Oasis, who are knocking it out of the lace dress park right now. Got a fancy do between now and Christmas? Then invest in this teal lace sleeve dress with a nipped in waist that will make you look amazing. Oasis call it a "classic evening dress" but I've rarely seen anything that manages to be sophisticated but not boring. It's £85, so bookmark it til payday / a 20% off at Oasis day / both.


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