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Monday 23 September 2013

Etsy Pick: Clive Roddy Rings

I love Etsy newsletters - they're so well put together and I click on at least four things that I have to discover right away. Usually I hate shops emailing on a Sunday (go away please, I'm watching shit telly and eating crisps), but Etsy always gets clicks right away.

Thanks to yesterday's Etsy newsletter, I now know about Clive Roddy. Let me put these hand painted house rings on my mouse-clicking fingers immediately, please.

I don't think the tree rings work as well on their own, I feel they might need a bird or something to break up the green (or Little Red Riding Hood!) But I do absolutely love the shape and depth. Each piece is laser-cut plywood.

The mountain rings are my favourite, and they look absolutely perfect when mixed together. Alas, Roddy doesn't sell a mix of all three so you'd have to buy each set to play mix and match, but that could be the cutest friendship jewellery ever. They're £14.74 each, which is rather reasonable indeed.

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