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Wednesday 4 September 2013

Yay or Nay: Spreadable Beer

We're big fans of beer, and no strangers to adding our favourite brew to sweet stuff - try our beer fudge and beer ice cream for delicious proof of our serious culinary research drunken cooking. That's why my ears pricked, my eyes brightened and my tail grew a lot bushier earlier this week when news of BEER SPREAD reached Domestic Sluttery HQ. Beer spread, dear readers. This is a game-changer, right?

As the name Birra Spalmabile suggests, we have Italy to thank for once again being top of the foodie leaderboard. When the chocolatiers at Cioccolateria Napoleone joined forces with the brewers of Alta Quota, beer spread was born. It's a sort of fragrant, jellyish spread - smooth and sticky all at once - and contains a whopping 40% beer. Although it's sweet, and is perfect on a slice of bread or even as a cake filling, the creators say it's brilliant with cheese and charcuterie, too. It comes in two versions, both available at £7.99 a jar from Selfridges - a lighter blond ale spread and a more intense dark ale spread

So - what do you reckon? Is beer spread a stroke of genius or a recipe too far? Will you be trying some on your morning toast?


  1. I can totally see why this would work. I imagine it's yeasty in the same way marmite is. And that's why I want no part in it. Urgh.

  2. I'd rather have spreadable biscuit.

    1. We took biscuit spread and made it into biscuit biscuits:

  3. Both your suggestions are highly reasonable. WELL DONE!

  4. just to say that the selfridges website isnt working - after 40 minutes of trying to pay for some!!

    also included some bacon jam just out of curiousity!

    should be working tomorrow apparently....


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