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Monday 30 September 2013

Etsy Pick: YU Square

There's lots of good things about the arrival of Autumn - decent things being back on the telly, delicious things to stuff in my face and the fact I can finally share the designs of YU Square. I discovered YU Square back in those hot and heady days of summer and it's taken supreme self discipline to wait for that chill in the air to descend so I could post these wonderful knitwear designs.

YU Square is the work of Ringo Yu. Originally from Taiwan, she moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins in 2011. Her graphic design background is visible in the bold and bright colours used on her knitwear, such as in this red red raspberry rain jumper. All her creations are made on her home machine - this is a acrylic, cotton and mohair combo and available for £85. You can even look at a sample of yards and decide in what colours you'd like your jumper made.

But why bother with make such a tricky decision when the jumpers already come in such snazzy colour combinations, such as this cotton jumper in melon and grapefruit? It's yours for £90. And what's that I also spy on the model? Yes, you can also buy a matching skirt.

If you're a bit more fearful of colour, the A Line skirts are probably easier to wear, especially in the lighter shades shown above. They're £60 each, and will look smashing with your new pair of tights and a black jumper, if you really must (no, I'm not sure why this model is larking around in a suitcase either, but isn't she having a lovely time?).

There is something of a kids TV presenter look to YU Square designs, especially when you look at something like this mustard clown jumper with decorative flaps. They virtually demand to be worn with an enthusiastic attitude and bags of energy. They're not designs for moody minimalists.

If you are blessed with a moody minimalist in your life, why not cheer them up a bit and give them one of the pom pom hats? Available for £35 in a rainbow of juicy colour combinations and topped off in with a perky pom pom, think of them as the tasty cherry on the YU Square cake.

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  1. I'm in love with the mustard clown jumper!


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