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Monday 24 March 2014

Candy Crush: The Fudge House

I've been meaning to rave about The Fudge House since CHRISTMAS. I can only apologise for my tardiness, and for depriving you of the best fudge I have ever eaten. It's time to make amends. 

Edinburgh dwellers will already be familiar with The Fudge House's delectable shop on Canongate, where the mouthwatering display above greets customers who've made it down the Royal Mile, weary with tartan tourist fatigue, and in need of a sugar high. If you're in town, be sure to pop in, but don't expect it to be a quick visit - choosing your flavours is a mighty task indeed. Luckily, I've tried a great many, so here are my recommendations. Worry not, non-Edinburghers - everything The Fudge House makes is available to buy online, and I urge you to order some at once. It is all truly brilliant.

Strawberry & Dark Chocolate is a winning combination. I steer clear of strawberry-flavoured things usually, because I don't like the taste of fake strawberry. This fudge doesn't taste like fake strawberry. It tastes like real strawberries, ripe and juicy. Mmm. Also of note: Chocolate Orange.

Obviously, there's tablet, arguably Scotland's most popular sweetie (although Macaroon Bars, Chelsea Whoppers, Edinburgh Rock, and Wham Bars also vie for the top spot in my opinion). Tablet is not fudge, as Scottish people the world over will tell you time and time again, because it isn't fudgy. This one is the perfect amount of crumbly, tooth-achingly sweet, and based on a family recipe of old. In short, it's amazing. 

Here's a thing: despite loving chocolate, when things start to become double-choc-treble-choc-choc-chip-choc-choc-choc I just starting thinking "No". When faced with The Fudge House's Triple Dark Chocolate fudge, however, I said "Yes". Could you resist? So gooey, so decadent. 

The chocolate fun doesn't stop here, of course. There are EIGHT different chocolate fudges, including Pecan & Chocolate Swirl, Rocky Road, and Chocolate Coconut. YUM. 

Lemon Meringue Pie fudge is my favourite. It is so zesty and creamy, and contains pieces of actual meringue for added authenticity. Just looking at the photo makes me drool. 

You want boozy fudge? You got boozy fudge. As well as Cherry Brandy Cocktail, there's Praline & Drambuie, Rum & Raisin, Marzipan & Amaretto, and good ol' Whisky

Coffee and tea fiends might fancy trying Mocha Coffee Cream or Chai Latte for a sweet take on their favourite drinks. 

March's flavour of the month is Pistachio & White Chocolate. Inspired by the owners' favourite gelato flavour (they are the Di Sottos, and the business has been in their family for generations), it's a triumph. Look out for limited edition fudges throughout the year, too - their Jubilee fudge was lovely, and the Christmas flavours (FIG KLAXON) are divine. 

Fudge is available to buy in boxes of 5 or 10 pieces, priced at £7.50 and £14 respectively. And by pieces, I mean a pretty substantial chunk - enough to share (I suggest you don't). You can mix and match flavours or choose just one - the online ordering system is really straightforward and with first class or next-day delivery as standard, you've got time to pick up a box for Mother's Day.

Which flavour will you choose? 


  1. I think I've been here! I love fudge so much. Greenwich market has a brilliant sweet shop with a gorgeous fudge counter. They let me sneak tastes, which is pointless really as I always buy the same flavours. Run 'n' raisin is the best fudge.

  2. You're speaking my language here LB. I shall take on board your interesting chocolate and strawbs - I am very much with you on loathing fake choc x

  3. You guys are terrible for my diet! Small box ordered..........


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