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Friday 7 March 2014

Sluttery Sales Spy: Anthropologie, Cath Kidston & Tatty Devine

Prices start at 50p this week. FIFTY FLAMING PENCE!*

* Flames optional. 


Peter Som Cheshire dress, £52.95 (was £178), Anthropologie

I saw this Peter Som Cheshire dress and thought to myself, "OOH, that's pretty, but LAURA LAURA LAURA, more florals? This week? Really? Don't you think you've written enough about florals this week, woman?". Then my eyes kicked in, and saw that these ain't no flowers. Oh no. Look:

THEY'RE CATS! Also they're silk! SILK CATS! 

Related: my mind was blown yesterday by the discovery of cat claw caps. Like false nails for your cat, they come in all different colours, including glow-in-the-dark. THE WORLD IS BATSHIT CRAZY.

Garden birds dress, £48 (was £65), Cath Kidston

I couldn't resist featuring this Cath Kidston garden birds dress alongside a cat dress. Put them side-by-side in your wardrobe at your own risk. It's worth noting that reviewers say this dress runs a little on the roomy side, so you may want to think about buying a size down, particularly if you're hovering on the cusp.


Disaster Designs Granny's Attic satchel, £34 (was £38.50), Little Moose

Ah, Disaster Designs, this is a really cute satchel. I wish my granny's attic had been filled with stuff like this, although for a brief and perplexing moment I did think I could see a gun there, above the binoculars. MURDERGRAN. Thankfully it's just a key.

Boxy shoulder bag, £76 (was £95), & Other Stories

PSA: & Other Stories has 20% off ALL its bags right now. ALL OF THEM, including this delightful mustard leather shoulder bag. Let's have a look at it when it's open and get excited:





N2 by Les Néréides pixel charm necklace, £38.40 (was £82), ASOS

Hello, jolly thing. N2 by Les Néréides is fast becoming one of my favourite jewellery brands. This pixel charm necklace is just the right side of bonkers. It's brilliant, and until March 10th, you get 20% extra off of all ASOS's sales stuff by entering the code 20MORE at the checkout. How absolutely splendid.

Volume brooch, £14.40 (was £18), Tatty Devine

I've had a hankering for a Tatty Devine volume brooch for years. As someone with a - how shall we describe it? - sonorous laugh, I am already mentally prepared for people pretending to turn my volume down to 1. Turning that shit right back up to 11, guys.


Kitchen radio, £19.95 (was £55), Dotcomgiftshop

Oh, you're probably all sitting reading this with your DAB radios playing, your 6Music and your, um, Absolute Radio 90s (look, it's actually really good, don't judge) blaring out, delighting your shell-likes. This kitchen radio from Dotcomgiftshop won't magically find your channels, and you'll miss out on the dulcet, digital tones of the lovely Lauren Laverne, but won't you join me in my new favourite pastime: Laura's Adventures in Local Radio. How else would I have learned that there's a black and white TV crisis in Inverness? (Only seven are registered there! JUST SEVEN BLACK & WHITE TELEVISIONS IN INVERNESS, PEOPLE. How has the world come to this?) And I'd never know about the three budgies in Dundee (Diego, Mario, and Gemma) who only like to listen to one particular local DJ. Tune into your local radio station today. Honestly, it'll make your wee heart soar when Radio 4 gets too boring.

Tumbler, 50p (was £3.99), Zara Home

If my home wasn't on glassware lockdown - id est the Chief Glassware Buyer of the house (me) has been prevented from having uncensored access to the outside glass-based world, and is banned from allowing new glasses to enter the house for fear of chronic overpopulation - then I would be snapping up millions of these 50p Zara Home floral tumblers. Don't tell the dictator, but I might just buy them anyway. They're seeking asylum, dudes. This is a serious glassware rights issue. I am helping.


Country cottage tent, £60 (was £120), Cath Kidston

OH MY DAYS: amazing. I love me a bit of camping, and while this Cath Kidston country cottage ridge tent probably wouldn't hold up in my preferred destination, the wilds of Scotland, it would look mighty fine on a campsite/at a festival/in the garden. Around the back, there's a line of washing (printed on the tent, obviously - Cath doesn't trick her customers into doing her ironing for her after every purchase)! Also, it's half price. BUY IT. You know you want it. 

How are you? Have you bought anything nice this week? Do you like camping, too? And did you all already know about the crazy cat claw caps and FORGOT to tell me?


  1. You call it 'hovering on the cusp'. I call it 'stopped eating chips every night for tea'. I prefer your version.

  2. Trying to buy the very pretty tumblers from Zara but their website kepps asking for the size and wont let me go to checkout :(

  3. That's probably why they reduced it-no one can buy it!

  4. Zara have a free customer service phone number. A very nice man, David, informs me the pretty tumblers are sold out.

  5. For those after the bird print dress or the tent, Cath Kidston is doing free postage until midday Monday - so, as Brucie says on Strictly, do your shopping early!

  6. Absolute Radio 90s is the best thing that has ever happened.


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