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Monday 17 March 2014

Etsy Pick: Ladybird Likes

Ladybird Likes has been on our radar for a while - Sara featured their brilliant collar clips, and The Curious Pancake (they of sweary pencil fame) stocks some of their lovely bits and bobs. I was rummaging though the internet the other day, and realised I hadn't checked out everything they have to offer - and it turns out they might as well rename the shop Laura Likes, because I do. I really, really do.

On my immediate purchase list: this Do Awesome Things necklace, which at just £15 will probably be my awesomest buy of the month. 

Sara is right: if you want collar clips, Ladybird Likes is the place to be. There are 18 different designs to choose from, but my very favourites are these pugs. Your day will be immensely improved if you have a couple of pugs on your shirt. They're £14. 

Old-timey robots are the cutest things. I don't want the future, thanks. I just want clunky charmers like this guy. He has a name! JEFFREY. And he has pals! Stanley! Cedric! Terrence! Howard! They're like a robotic boyband, and I want them all. (They are brooches, by the way. You probably guessed.)

SCIENCE FACT: greetings cards are approx. 1,459 times better when they have a badge on them. These "I like you nearly as much as..." cards are £3.50 each, and there's a design for pretty much everyone. Obviously, I went with cats, but I'll also be buying Twin Peaks, Doctor Who, dinosaurs, Buffy, and biscuits for various friends (what can I say? I like a lot of stuff. And I like my friends nearly as much as that stuff). PAGING LADYBIRD LIKES: we need a unicorn version of this, stat. 

I know it's not Valentine's Day any time soon (334 days to go, actually), but that's not going to stop me sporting this popcorny brooch all year round. It can be my Valentine every day.  

I want everything in this photo, but actually the only thing for sale is the Don't Worry sign hanging on the wall (sidenote: is the cat playing the double bass?). But that's okay, because I love it. The really good thing about these wall hangings, aside from the fact they're ace, is that they are super-lightweight, so you don't have to faff about drilling holes or banging in nails - a pin (or as the picture shows, a bit of fancy tape) will suffice. 

Ladybird Likes has masses of great stuff - way too much for me to show here. This is my curated version (I'm very into the word curated at the moment. This morning I said I was "curating the dishes". I was, in fact, just washing them), so do go and have a look around. I'm off to buy almost everything. 


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