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Monday 31 March 2014

Play Your Cards Right

Are you feeling lucky? Designers are encouraging us to take a bit of a gamble at the moment, dealing us fashion and homewares that are based around a deck of cards. It's Alice in Wonderland goes to Vegas which - obviously - is wonderful.

Coco Fennell's latest collection includes this Play your cards right dress, almost guaranteed to make you the Queen of Hearts, while cards also deck her new Casino dress. If you are able to go higher, higher with your prices, take a look at Peter Jensen's cute circle skirt in card print.

For an easy way to wear your heart, and your spade, on your finger, ASOS are selling this Alice collection press-on manicure set for £9.

Possibly the simplest way to get the look is on the homewares in stock at Urban Outfitters, based on that traditional deck of cards we all probably used to refine our Shithead Poker technique. This King of Hearts mug is £12. There's an accompanying tea towel too.

This trend can be cute as well as in your face, with something such as this Playing cards collar clip sold by Kirstin Stride on Etsy for £20.

Or the stylish simplicity of these Louche spade earrings, £6 from Joy. For all four suits, pick up the Forever 21 pastel stud set for only £3.15.

Win some, lose some: this Ace of Spades cushion is all win. It's designed by Melissa Wyndham and made and sold through Fine Cell Work for £50.

The playing card suits are used as a fab alternative to polka dots or florals on this Rio playing card top by Vivien of Holloway. It works so well they've used it on everything from halter necks to gypsy tops. This top is £35.

Meal times could become a whole load more fun with these Decked Out table mats. They come from Modcloth and cost around £20 including shipping.

Though if you do like playing with your food, you could do far worse than playing with these Playing card cookie cutters. They're £3.69 from Legend Cookshops.

I've featured this playing card table from Seletti before, but it's worthy of inclusion here, as it definitely trumps all other card tables. It's £145.

There's hundreds of unique decks of cards you can buy too. I'm rather fond of my Elvis deck which I brought all the way back from Graceland, though you can buy exactly the same set (and many more) for £5.25 from Cards4Magic. These Day of the Dead playing cards are rather wonderful too. Order yourself a set for £12.99 from Firebox.

But my favourite kind of card has to be something like this one Tris Tolliday on Etsy. Yes, you are ace indeed.

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