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Friday 14 March 2014

Domestic Sluttery Birthday Bingo

As you might have noticed from the huge passionfruit cake and the overexcited tweeting about our party later tonight, it's our birthday! We're five (FIVE! HALF A DECADE!) this weekend and we've been popping champagne prosecco corks since this morning.

To celebrate, we've decided to get started on the party games early and we've created Domestic Sluttery Bingo! Over the last five years you might have got a little familiar with out patter (try and argue with us about how excellent gin and unicorns are, I dare you), so we've compiled a few things that we're likely to hear around these parts.

Want to play? Try and find all those things above and leave a comment below with details when you've found them. We bang on about them all so much that it won't take you long. We'll pick five (obviously) winners and send you surprise things in the post. (Chocolate, it's going to be chocolate bars. We haven't actually bought them yet, we're too busy celebrating and freaking the cat out with party blowers.) It's just a little fun, really. You could also list a whole bunch of new things for us to obsess over for the next five years. Maybe we'll move onto puppies and regular horses. (Nope.)

Happy Sluttery birthday, everyone. Thank you so much for hanging out with us every day. Here's to another five excellent years.


  1. Etsy, Esty, Etsy!! I like cats.....I love cats, but sorry no not foxes - cute, granted but all my ex-battery girls do disagree.
    Be yourself; unless you can be a unicorn but CATS into unicorns - I'm so excited I could burst!!
    Who could not love cake either?! 'Let her eat cake' sluttishly boozy cake, seasonal cakes, five a day cakes or a perfectly simple quick mix presented on a potty mouth, bunny blossom or Chintz pricely plate and the perfect cuppa - China a must. Scene set in a beautiful vintage tea dress with the bedazzling chit chat of style iconic a diamante cape ;) - can you just image!
    After all this sugar a sluttery bacon obsession is required, DIY curing or greedily moreish scratchings....I going to need a wise owl to watch over me and the wisdom of Cher to advise....or just maybe a lil something stronger is my thing. Cocktails or gin 'o'clock??? Or the heady blend of both..the Old Fashioned! With a good smattering of glitter, make up, shoes, nail and more, tonight's going to be a good night!!
    With the promise of a morning ache then Bovril is my wolf in sheep's clothing, it maybe Spring but it is just the thing - a 'Sexy' hair of the isn't that worthy of Cap Locks importance?!! :D

  2. Ok, I think I worked this out....

    1. Cats. One day when I'm a crazy cat lady, my cats will have these cat collars you featured in September 12.

    2. Unicorns - I particularly like this Unicorn post from November about dressing a cat up as a Unicorn!

    3. Tea cups, again, mixing cats and tea cups (I sense a cat theme here). July 09

    4. Liberace (with bonus cat pictures) from March

    5. Capes. Sadly no cats in capes (that's a post needing written right there), but these capes that started off the capes v. handbag discussion in October 13.

    6. Cake. Bakewell cake is the best, so I really enjoyed making this one in May 2012.

    7. Bacon. Curing your own bacon was a bit beyond me, from August 2013

    8. Owls. The cutest owl cushion ever! September 12,

    9. Cher. Ooh, this took some searching, I don't remember any Cher posts. I was thinking of the wrong Cher, silly me. August 13,

    10. Cocktails. This molecular G&T from March 12 looks like a lot of fun!

    11. Bovril. This also took a search, seems there's a Bovril Cocktail from December 10. Probably not going to be trying it.

    12. CAPS LOCK. TWO COOKIES in this fab recipe from the other day.

    13. Glitter. Edible glitter in Christmas bread sauce, yes please! December 13.

    14. Pricey Plates. These Wuthering Heights plates from October 12 are wonderful!

    15. Foxes. A fox hot water bottle! No idea how I missed this, it's a must own! October 12.

    Well that was a fun, a trip down memory lane of Domestic Sluttery. Here's to the next 5 years!

  3. Here's what I found on your lovely website:

    Cats - I Like Cats shop

    Unicorns - Inflatable Unicorn Horn (which I have had to stop myself from buying several times!)

    Tea Cups - Pussycat (there they are again!) Teapot set

    Liberace - Behind The Candelabra

    Capes - Vintage beaded cape (in same article as Liberace)

    Cake - Giant boozy Jaffa cake (yes please!)

    Bacon - Candied Bacon

    Owls (my current obsession!) - Owls of the British Isles

    Cher - the tweets of Cher

    Cocktails - Cocktail House get trollied

    Bovril - Sexy Bovril (there go those cocktails again)

    Caps Lock - MOJITO MARSHMALLOWS (I sense a theme!)

    Glitter - Festive Christmas nails

    Pricey plates - Kitty scout plate

    Foxes - Mr Fox Luxx bag

    Happy Birthday you wonderful people!

  4. 1. Cats: the "My cat is cooler than your cat" print on Etsy from Sept 2011. I don't even have a cat, but if I did then this would most certainly be true.

    2. Unicorns: free Louche unicorn dress from Joy. Woohoo!

    3. Tea cups: Het Paradijs' Flying Bird Cups. Just gorgeous.

    4. Liberace: the 'Liberace: Your New Style Icon' post from last June. Mainly for the phrase "Matt Damon in rhinestone Speedos"

    5. Capes: 'Captivating capes', and in particular the Jack Wills one, since I reckon you could run around pretending to be Sherlock In it, and, er, solving things.

    6. Cake: Gluten free crunchie cheesecake. It's a favourite now in our house. (as an aside, thanks so much for the gluten free posts, they're fab!)

    7. Bacon: Bacon basket maple muffins. Tasty and curiously satisfying to say.

    8. Owls: so many to choose from! But I'm going for the Etsy pick: Robin and Mould owl tea cosy since sleeping owls are cuter than awake ones. Fact.

    9. Cher: the 'Oh Gosh, Cindy' print
    Or the Shoop Shoop fortune cookies for bonus other Cher points:

    10: Cocktails: The Purple Haze. Because: gin AND prosecco.

    11: Sexy Bovril: all kinds of wrong, but there is a unicorn in the picture so that makes it okay.

    12: Caps lock: Ooh, look. If you take out just the caps words, it sounds like the rankings of a crazed lunatic.

    13: Glitter: the Office glitter shoes, because I've just seen that they're currently half price in the sale (that's the public service element of my comp entry!)

    14: Pricey plates: Love love love these Fred Tomaselli Owl Plates.

    15: Foxes: the Tatty Divine fox brooch is my favourite fox in the world ever.

    Happy birthday peeps!


    Cats: I think my favourite is Crafting With Cat Hair (definitely creepy)

    Unicorns: This picture on your site: - THAT CAT. SO UNIMPRESSED (

    Tea cups: Gorgeous shiny things:

    Liberace: style icon: (An aside: I worked in HMV at Selfridges when they had the Liberace exhibition on. We didn't sell (m)any of his CDs but one customer was LIVID that we didn't have more of a range.)

    Capes: Well, apart from Liberace above, this post tickled me at the time:

    Cake: EASY - I have eaten this and it was ah-ma-zing:

    Bacon: I'm a vegetarian but think these bacon roses are interesting:

    Owls: *melts*

    Cher: Ugh! As if! :)

    Cocktails: Love the print on these:

    Sexy Bovril: Errr.....

    Caps Lock: I love the Sluttery Sale Spy cos there's always hella CAPS LOCK action going on. (eg

    Glitter: crimble nails!

    Pricey plates: again, love the prints on these wonders:

    Foxes: Foxy Lady:


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