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Thursday 6 March 2014

Top 20 Minute Recipes

As much as we love to cook, on some days, we don't want to spend ages in the kitchen. Hunger, tiredness or just plain laziness dictates that instead of chopping, stirring and preparing, we'd prefer to be eating. What we need for times like these are some quick and easy recipes. All of the recipes below cook in around 20 minutes or less. Obviously, it depends on how speedy your knife and general kitchen get-ready skills are, but we do promise that you'll have dinner on the table before hunger turns to grumpiness.

If you don't count marinating time (do it the night before and forget about it until dinner) tamarind chicken is a fast and tasty dinner. Fajitas are a great meal; part food, part assembly challenge. I'd love to say that tucking in the bottom of the tortilla stops the filling from dropping into your lap. It doesn't, use a napkin. Eating with your hand means one less thing to wash up later, and chicken wings are always popular.

Leftover chicken from last night's roast is perfect for a speedy meal that you can throw together in mere minutes. Chicken noodle salad is a life saver when you're starving, it takes about 5 minutes to make. When you've had the kind of day that makes you want to hide under a duvet, turn to Thai chicken noodle soup, it has actual healing properties (healing properties not guaranteed).

Turn minced pork into a masterpiece without breaking a sweat with our quick Chinese pork. The speediness is right there in the name! Still on a Chinese vibe, how about crispy chilli beef or beef with broccoli? If you think you can't have lamb when you're in a hurry, you'd be wrong. Lamb neck fillets are a quick-cooking cut and kofta kebabs are a fast feast. Meanwhile, yesterday's leftovers can be turned into delicious lamb fritters.

Seafood is ideal when you've got no time, it cooks so quickly! Just 15 minutes for cod and chips? Yes! It can be done. You can bake a fillet of sea bass in just 12 minutes and our sardines with chickpeas in 15.

Break out the tins and packets to whip up some fab fishy pasta dishes. Tinned crab meat can be transformed into an amazing crab linguine while smoked salmon trimmings can become a bargainous pasta dish. No time for pasta? You could have this seafood stew or mussels in cider instead I'd serve mine with loads of crusty bread to mop those gorgeous sauces.

Salad might not sound very inspiring, but our Caesar's salad is supercharged! Buckwheat adds a substantial carby note to our Mediterranean salad, and grilled peaches and goat's cheese are a stylish salad that will make you feel a bit fancy.

Want something hot? Our cauliflower-rice is even quicker to make than regular fried rice, if that's possible. You could serve it with Aloo Masala or jungle curry. Noodles are even faster to prepare than rice. Go Szechaun- or Thai-style for a speedy, slurpable supper!

Toast! That's the ultimate quick food, it's not really tea though, is it? Add some devilled mushrooms or beans (none of that tin malarky, ours are posh 'uns) and suddenly you've got a meal. Cheese on toast is a brilliant lazy dinner, make it Welsh Rarebit and you're really in for a treat. Menemen might be a breakfast dish, but we won't judge if you have it tonight. Serve it with toast or flat bread, pop it on your favourite tray and eat it in front of Don't Tell the Bride.

Room for pudding? It's time to break out the microwave cake! Choose from chocolate orange or raspberry and coconut, then serve with 5 minute ice cream.

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