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Tuesday 4 March 2014

New Cushions to Cosy Up To

Cushions: the easiest form of home update around. Perfect for adding some snazz to your sofa, giving a feeling of luxury on a budget and for hiding behind when there's something scary on the telly. Is there room to squeeze one more on your sofa? How about 16?

For creature comforts, it's hard to beat the charms of an animal cushion. Especially if it features a Glam Rock Hamster, as does the design in the top left, available from Debenhams for £28. Lucie Sheridan's Sausage Dog is lovely too (just keep your mucky paws off that white) - it's £36 from HowkapowHabitat are also triumphing at the animal game this season: their Sushi cats and Clarence the Lion are a mere £12 each.

Do you have space in your life for another owl? I was thinking I possibly didn't, until I saw the cute form of this Aarrekid owl cushion. Available from The Kid Who (yes, it's for kids. Do I care? Not one jot), it's £20 or you can go large for £30.

Budge up for a badger: Solitaire continue their range of beautiful handprinted animal cushions with this badger cushion. It's £39.

Got hobbies? Great, you can get the matching cushion. Ella Doran has a whole range of cycling themed delights all on the cooler end of the cushion spectrum. They're also on the pricier end: this bike wheel cushion is £52.

But, ouch, not as pricy as this £79 book print cushion. It is gorgeous though.

Looking for adventures? Anthropologie's Cartography cushion could inspire some intrepid travels. Two tips: 1. You'll probably need to take a proper map. 2. You'll need to leave your sofa. If that sounds a bit much, let's just stick with the cushion for now - it's £48.

Sofa-based adventures can always be had with the help of Roald Dahl. There's a fab range of Dahlian cushions in at John Lewis at the moment, including this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cushion, £20. (Take a look at the Matilda and Golden Ticket cushions too - currently out of stock but they're worth hassling John Lewis about on a daily basis.)

Or, for more childhood nostalgia, snuggle up to your favourite Little Miss or Mister Man, also courtesy of John Lewis. The joy of Little Miss Sunshine here can be yours (or possibly a child's) for £10.

Cushions are, of course, a great way to add colour and pattern to your home without scaring your neighbours. I love the golden yellows on this maze cushion cover, £29 from West Elm.

But, if you wanted, you could both paper your walls and add matching cushions, like a proper grown-up. Both of the cushions above are made by people who also design wallpaper. Miss Print's Little Trees, £45, is on the left (Sian wrote about their paper here), and Custhom's Columbia Road on the right (read about the accompanying wallpaper here).

Heal's rules the patterned cushion world at the moment, with designs such as this Lips cushion designed by Kangan Arora. It's limited edition - a limited edition cushion, imagine! - and £40. Sadly, I can't show you Daniel Heath's beautiful Art Deco cushions because, at almost £100 each, they will make you want to cry.

So, moving from the ridiculous to the, err, ridiculous, if you were thinking something was missing from your home, it's most probably a pineapple cushion. This Pina Colada pineapple cushion comes from Rockett St George - your sofa will be a sadder place without it. 


  1. I clicked on that Matilda link SO HARD. I am also waiting to be informed of its stock levels (oooh, exciting). It'll probably come back in stock when I've spent all of my money. On pina colada cushions.

    1. Me too! I'm also signed up for the golden ticket cushion. By the time they're back in stock, I'll have probably spent all my money on pina coladas.

    2. I actually did spend all of my money on pina coladas this weekend. Not sorry.

  2. I have a black leather sofa and I need that badger on it now.


  3. It's a glam rock guinea pig, not a hamster. Guineas are about four times as big as a hamster.

    1. Well, on that basis this definitely has to be a guinea pig - looking at the spec, its head alone is 45cm high!

    2. Hamsters are known to prefer prog rock.


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