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Monday 31 March 2014

Sluttery by Post: Parcels for Pampered Pets

We do enjoy the thrill of a subscription box landing on the DS doormat every month. From books to bakes, cheese to coffee, stationery to smalls, there's something exciting for everyone. "BUT WHAT ABOUT CATS? DOGS? GUINEA PIGS? MINIATURE MEDITERRANEAN DONKEYS?" I hear you cry. Yes, there are even boxes for them, too. (Maybe not for the tiny donkeys. Just buy them a carrot instead. It'll last all year.)

Before I proceed - and to save disappointment - you should know that none of these subscriptions include actual cats, dogs, or any kind of living animal, which I agree is a shame. I'll work on a monthly kitten box idea and take it to Dragons' Den, shall I? These boxes are, however, crammed full of treats and toys for your favourite pet, which I guarantee will make you extremely popular for at least three minutes. Who could ask for more, really?

First up, and so new it hasn't even launched yet, is Cat Hampurr. I applaud them for their confident use of the Laura-esque word 'hampurr', and also for this lovely and affordable monthly box of feline-friendly goodies. You can sign up for a one-off box at £15.95, or a monthly one at £11.95, with the option to stop at any time. Each box contains 4-6 cat things - a mixture of food, toys, and health or grooming stuff. Get your name down on the mailing list now in time for the April 11th grand opening. 

While we wait for Cat Hampurr to launch, let's look at the world's most famous box-loving cat trying to get into a series of too-small boxes:

Oh, Maru. What a boy.

Dogs now, and Pooch Pack. Similar to the Cat Hampurr but for, uh, dogs of course, you can choose a cancel-at-any-time monthly box for £19.95; a 3-month sub for £18.95 a month; or commit to 6 months at £16.95 a month, saving yourself over 15%. The contents of the box (4-6 items per month) are tailored to your dog's size, age, and breed - you give all that info when you sign up - and you'll always receive stuff that totals more than the subscription price. I am interested in the doggie patisserie pictured above. FOR MYSELF.

Prices for Fings for Fido's monthly parcels start at £23.99, but what I like most about this company is their one-off boxes for new pups, adopted dogs, and birthday boys and girls. They're thoughtfully put together - teething aids for puppies; a new bowl and comfort toys for adoptees; and a BIRTHDAY CAKE, card, and wrapping paper for your pooch's big day. Another great thing about Fings for Fido: every box includes a dog magazine (you've totally looked at these in the supermarket before, don't lie), so humans benefit too. 

Last but by no means least, let's have a look at Pet Munchbox - responsible for making me cry earlier. Founder and personal munchbox shopper Mollie just seems like the kindest person - she tailors every box to your cat, dog or small pet's needs and preferences. The bit that made me cry was the case studies page, where you can read about the time and thought that goes into making each box. Old girl Willow doesn't have many teeth, and beef and duck make her ill, so she gets plenty of soft, fishy treats. Dudley likes jangly bells. Yogi and Boo like playing with balls and they don't like rawhide... you get it, don't you? You can be REALLY specific and Mollie will listen and send out something fabulous for your pets every month. Choose between small, medium and large boxes for cats and dogs, or even opt for a seasonal hamper for pets (including rabbits and guinea pigs!). Prices start at £10.99.

Will your pet be getting a surprise in the post next month? 


  1. I ADORE Maru. My cat is just as fond of boxes, but significantly less adorable when it comes to getting in to them. Well found, Laura B.

  2. Fab video, Thanks.

  3. OK, I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff....I ordered the Pet Munchbox for the two puppies I "babysit" for.
    I've had a lovely email from her and hope to get the box next week.
    Is this Graze for pets?

  4. Thanks for the mention Laura! We're so excited about launching this week!

    We're describing our service as Graze with less nuts, more catnip!


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