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Wednesday 5 March 2014

Tall Girl Treat: Be A Lady (Well, Sometimes)

I'm in flu hell this week - I'll try not to cough all over you - so pretty much all I'm capable of is sleeping, looking out the window, and pointing at things and going "That's nice", most of which are my cat.

With that in mind, here are some absolutely scrumptious ladylike offerings to adorn your frame this week. Happy shopping!

First up, rhis gorgeous red midi skirt from ASOS Tall, who have indeed started gently rolling out their new range. It's made of scuba fabric, which many hate (cough, Elizabeth), but it's a stunning shape, has pockets, also comes in black,  and is £35 to you. Sizes 4 to 18.
Let's stick with ASOS Tall for a bit. This lace midi dress is a dream. It's £40, again sizes 4 to 18, and also comes in blue. An absolute dream. Stick a bright coral or green necklace on that and you're laughing. Mwah.
Over at Long Tall Sally, this floral print pencil skirt is a dream (size 10-22, £45). Wear it with big pearls, a bright green cardigan and a belt. Oh, and probably a top too so you avoid boring things like being arrested.
Ooh, this shade of green should do it! Or maybe a tad darker. Tragically,  I love this shape of dress but it looks dreadful on me. *Nobly adds it to TGT anyway for the person who can pull it off*. This fabbo green t-shirt dress is made of textured jersey and is £55, also LTS, same sizes as before. Accessorise the hell out of it.
Half the stuff in my wardrobe is Marks and Spencer, and this house-print dress, while not specifically tall, is one that will look amazing on us. Also, HOUSES. Love it. It's sold out in a size 22, but is available in sizes 8 to 20 and currently onsale at £31.60.

These geometric pumps are on sale at Debenhams for £23.60 and go up to a size 9.

And finally...well, sometimes being a lady can just sod right off. And for that, you need a cheery, ridiculous clutch. Like this one.
This Monki lips clutch is £18 from ASOS.


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