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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Sluttishly Vintage: A Tribute to Wes Anderson

I'm really excited about seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel next week. While I'm not as much a Wes Anderson aficionado as some, it's hard to not admire the loving attention to detail that goes into each of his films. And while I'm not going to tell you where to buy your The Life Aquatic hats (oh you want me to tell you where to buy your The Life Aquatic hats? Here you go.) or your Rushmore Heaven and Hell costumes, I am going to show you some vintage pieces that capture the spirit of Wes and something of the style of his best dressed heroines.

First up, the frocks, and who hasn't lusted after Suzy Bishop's gorgeous dresses in Moonrise Kingdom? They're surprisingly hard to find in the combination of plain colours, with long sleeves and that collar - she's obviously snaffled up the best ones. I think, however, she might approve of this lovely 1940s dress from Violet's Attic Vintage on Etsy, and especially its purse-friendly price of £35.

It's actually contemporary designs that get closest to this 'vintage' look, such as this Pop Boutique swing dress, yours for £30.

Though the frills are possibly a little fancy, the mint colour of this mod frill dress and its retro shape would slot seamlessly into a Wes Anderson film. This dress is £96 from Lucy in Disguise.

Of course you'd need to accessorise your frock with long socks and a trusty pair of saddle shoes. Terry Smith makes the classic style in the UK, in a variety of colours. Buy your favourite for £60 (or - if you can't decide - get all four) from Morellos.

Margot Tenenbaum is cut from a sportier jib with her trusty Lacoste stripes. While I haven't been able to find any vintage Lacoste I'd ever want you to be seen out in, this Zig Zag dress does have the sharp collar and an Anderson-approved colour palette. It's £40 from Rokit.

For her sunnier moods (ha!), this sunshine stripe dress will do the job perfectly. It's an 1980s number and a mere £18 from Vintage Child on ASOS Marketplace.

And while we're on the yellow dresses, let's not forget Mrs Fox who certainly knew how to rock a yellow frock. The sixties patterning on this shift dress is suitably adorable. It's £34 from Babushkas Clothing, again on ASOS marketplace.

As I said, I've not yet seen The Grand Budapest Hotel but - as it's set interwar - I do hope someone gets the chance to swan about in something as gorgeous as this 1930s evening dress. The colour, the cut - it's perfection. It's hardly surprising, then, that it's also got a £179 price tag. If you're a very lucky lady, you can buy it from Vintage Deli.

Onto the coats and again Suzy's pink caplet/coat leads the way and, again is impossibly difficult to track down in real life. The closest I've found is this heathery 1960s mod coat (and look! The model is already wearing her Suzy beret). It's £137 from Last Tango in Paris, a French vintage shop.

However, though it has yet to make it's debut appearance, this tailored 1960s blue Macintosh is definitely worthy of a Wes Anderson film. It's only £50 from Rokit too (buy it, before Suzy Bishop does).

A coat like Margot's is much easier to find and an easy way to make her your fancy dress outfit of choice. Just add hair grips and be especially heavy-handed with your eyeliner. This particular 1960s faux fur number is £48 from Bird On A Wire on ASOS marketplace.

Now we just need props. You can never have enough props. This Pixie suitcase from Rose and Water Vintage on Etsy is adorable and only £30 (take this as your accompanying shoulder bag)...

... while if your ensemble just isn't complete without a vintage portable record player, how about this one, £75 from Everything Within through Etsy? Though if your heart longs for a turquoise one, check out a contemporary buy - the Crosley mini cruise record player from Urban Outfitters.

When it comes to appropriate home accessories, My Vintage comes up trumps: the adorable Bush radio, the Olympia typewriter for writing urgent missives and the pinky perfection of the boudoir telephone are all from there. I'm also obsessed with the colours offered by Poole pottery: the set pictured is £48 from Aspidistra Vintage on Etsy.

And finally, some reading material. When it comes to a Wes Anderson film no subject is too esoteric for consideration, so I present to you some knitting patterns, a guide to international bottle collecting and Margot Tenenbaum's volume of Three Plays. Well, that one's actually a journal, made by Best Play Ever on Etsy, so you can write your own. Or a whimsical film script, perhaps.


  1. I have a Poole Pottery set just like that and a Bush Radio just like the photo...i wish i lived in a Wes Anderson film and am more and more starting to dress like i'm in one too! love this post so much! x

    1. I have a growing collection of Poole Pottery - such lovely colours - but am extremely jealous of your radio. I don't think you can go too far wrong if you use Wes Anderson as your style guide. Well, maybe stay away from The Life Aquatic all-in-ones!


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