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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Fabulous Presents For Fantastic Mothers


You know when you stare at a word for long enough and it loses all meaning? That has just happened to me with mothers. MOTHERS! Moth - errs? It's so weird, no wonder people find English strange.

I've been staring at mothers in particular because there is such an array of terms for Mothering (argh! Even weirder) Sunday, Mother's Day and Mothers Day which in case you forgot, is this Sunday. Laura B's astonishing Earl Grey Milk Jam is a complete winner if you want to make something yourself, otherwise come with me dear reader, and mum yourself up.

Bling! This gorgeous family tree pendant can be personalised with anywhere from two to six initialled leaves. It starts at £19.50 from Ellis and Pip's Etsy store.

Tea! I get my borderline obsessive fondness for mugs from my mother, who sadly has had to admit defeat on her cupboards - there is simply no room for further mug acquisitions. This bone china one is a beauty though, covered in names of famous literary mothers from Pauline Mole to Mrs Frisby.

I had to google Kitty Scherbatsky who I thought might be related to Robin from How I Met Your Mother (she is not). The Mothers in Literature mug is £9.95 from the Literary Gift Company.


Scarves are wonderful presents and I love these two long and lovely ones from Isabi. The Paris silk scarf is completely inspiring - lay it out and it's actually the Eiffel tower, vintage stamps and a map of the city - and the pink spotty scarf will zheujzh up any outfit. They are both £40.

BAAAAA-GAIN! (Sorry). This sheep-print scarf comes in two colours and is down to just £6 from Edinburgh Woollens (as my mum always calls it).

Prestat's gorgeous packaging always makes you feel special. Their Best Mother in the World hamper is a good bet for anyone with a sweet rather than overly-chocolatey tooth: rose and violet chocolate cremes, Earl Grey and lemon chocolate, and pink chocolate hearts. Too cute. And £25. Er, not sure about how they're marketing their gin truffles though...

If you are dealing with a serious chocomaniac, you need Hotel Chocolat.

(There will be a short pause while we recollect ourselves at the mere thought of Hotel Chocolat.)

This pocket selection is £9 and comes with delectable chocolate hearts flavoured with Lemon Berry Tart, Gianduja Praline, Raspberry Smoothie and Dark Salted Caramel.


*gathers tatters of dignity and self-worth from the floor*

RIGHT. Hotel Chocolat have a metric tonne of Mother's Day presents, but I love this very neat and nifty goody bag, filled with seasonal treats. It's £19. Eton Mess Slab? Billionaire's Shortbread chocolates? Er, I'll just look after this until Sunday. Mum doesn't eat much chocolate anyway. No. Right.

Something to read? This. It always comes back to Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day. Ignore the dodgy film adaptation and give this to your mum, content in the knowledge that she will have the most glorious couple of hours with this Cinderella 1930s story about a downtrodden governess who inadvertently falls into the Champagne and scandal circle of a glamorous young It girl. I've lost count of how many people I've bought this for - perfect dialogue, and filled with heart and wit.

I know I've mentioned it before, but if you can share the cost with some siblings, send off your mum with a friend (or whichever sibling remains after a fight to the death) to make gin at The Ginstitute in Notting Hill. As well as lots of drinks, making your own gin, you get a ridiculously engaging class on the history of gin, plus a bottle of Portobello to take home. It's £100 a ticket. I know. But so worth it.

For something soft (both in terms of alcohol, and the hit on your wallet), I absolutely love Fentimans. Their bottles are perfect if you are planning on making your mother a hamper. I had their rose lemonade for the first time the other night and it's just delicious - I don't ordinarily like rose-flavoured anything, but this was deliciously subtle, with a really good hit of lemons. And it looks a treat. You can get this from £1.50 in supermarkets, delis and places with really nice picture walls.


  1. "You know when you stare at a word for long enough and it loses all meaning?" I recently learned that this is called semantic satiation... just thought I'd share that with you!

  2. THIS IS AMAZING NEWS! Thank you Sian.


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