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Thursday 20 March 2014

I Can Sing A Vernal Equinox Rainbow!


Happy Vernal Equinox! Yes, that's a thing. It's basically spring, only with a gratuitously unpleasant-sounding name. Firstly, go and look at the Google Doodle, which is just adorable today - and so bright!

Today's going to be all about brights, starting with Frances's amazing post about superb flats

Secondly - but really the real first thing - is this fierce fox. Look at her hair! Her lipstick! Her mien! Completely fabulous. She's called Eveline Fox and her incredible hair made me sing.

To all the colours!

This beautiful piece is one of the blink-and-you'll-miss-it items for sale at Sara's Secret Boutique. The amazing beauty guru Caroline Hirons tweeted about them this week, and I want all the things. Sara puts all the best stuff up on her Instagram feed first, and if it's a one-off it might be sold that way rather than put in the shop. The really good news is that they're beautiful and bargains - rings from £8, necklaces around the £20 and £30 mark.

Alternatively, taste the rainbow with this Louche Rainbow necklace from Joy. It's £28.

For £7.95 you can mix and match your perfect pair of colourful glass earrings, from Nottingham-based Etsy store Newton and the Apple.

This beautiful chunky jumper from Cos has a silk back. Just because. It's £69. God I LOVE yellow. Slip on an orange-red lippie like Mac's So Chaud and you're done.
 Anyone fancy a dip? I read about For Luna's amazing swimsuits on here ages before I joined Domestic Sluttery. I lived in my black one for three years before deciding I wanted some colour. This green gingham one is fabulous - they are so flattering, and £65 to you.

Bored of your colour? Get a better one! If you fancy some amazing colour like Ms Eveline Fox but without the maintenance, Bleach London's range of temporary hair dyes is your friend. GOD these are better than the Tints and Shades we had in the 90s. For a fiver, blondes could go mermaid blue, orange, candyfloss pink - anything. You can buy the bleaching kits too, but I'd rather get an expert to do it. Terrifying hair dye flashbacks from my youth, etc. Buy them from Bleach, or at Boots.

Petite? Try this fabulous flippy dress from Miss Selfridge. It's £37. I want it, but I would be arrested if I wore it out of the house.

Not petite? COVET this longer length floral frock from Ted Baker on ASOS. Everything about it is brilliant, although at £169 it's an investment. They've run out of my size, which is a massive arse. I wants it, my precious.

One more floral: this top is absolutely gorgeous, and £28 from Marks and Sparks. I also wants it. And a guide to English grammar.

Still lugging a navy book bag around? Kiss winter goodbye (sorry) with this H! by Henry Holland lips bag. It's £20.


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