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Tuesday 25 March 2014

Design Geekery: Video Game Soaps

Going straight to the top of Tuesday's 'things that are bloody brilliant and more than a bit overpriced but I don't care because I really want them anyway' list are these amazing video game soaps. Soaps shaped like Gameboy cartridges! In actual cartridge cases! Oh you're ticking my boxes in the most unexpected of ways, Firebox.

Earthworm Jim soap! He's vegan-friendly and smell of citrus.

Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em all! Seven, actually. Including Zelda and Kirby. All the classics.

The little Gameboy soaps are £8.99 each, which is undoubtedly a lot of money really bloody expensive for a teeny soap. You're paying for novelty factor here but I think these are done so well that I don't mind as much as I probably should.

Didn't have a Gameboy growing up? Have slightly bigger hands than you did when you were ten? Then you'll need SNES soap.

We played Street Fighter 2 and drank pina coladas in The Old School Yard at our birthday party this month. I do not remember the music being as shit as this:

Wow. All I want to do now is drink cream soda and play until I can't feel my tiny thumbs. Hadouken!

Zelda was the best game franchise there ever was. I'll fight anyone who says otherwise. With my mighty Phantom sword.

SNES soaps are £12.99 (I know, shush now, look how brilliant) and I want them all. They're available for pre-order at the moment so buy now and they'll arrive this time next month. Do any of you still have a SNES? Please can I come over after work and have a go on it?

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