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Monday 10 March 2014

Etsy Pick: I Like Cats

Sometimes when we find somewhere really ace to write about, we have to do a little investigation into whether or not another canny Slut has already featured it. When I stumbled upon I Like Cats on Etsy, I proceeded to search for 'I Like Cats' here... and, well, pretty much every post appeared, because we truly do like cats. A lot. I mean, 'worship at the sacred cat bowl of felinity' would be a better description, really. Crazy cat ladies and proud, that's us. However, we haven't written about I Like Cats before, so I am. You're in for a furry, purry treat.

First of all, I urgently need to show you these brooches, which combine my two great loves - cats and glitter - and come in an array of breeds, including this fluffy wee Persian. Designer and owner of I Like Cats, Toby (I would like to be your friend, Toby. Hello) lists the materials as "wood, acrylic, brooch, varnish, glitter, cat face" which pleases me no end. Apparently the cat faces come from one of his collection of vintage cat books (hi again, Toby!) so no two brooches are the same. 

If you haven't already spent all your money on one of our cushions to cosy up to, may I suggest buying this one, covered in black cats and meows? It's £20 (cover only). 

Pledge your allegiance to catkind by wearing an I Like Cats necklace. Each one is hand-drawn, and they're £8. I'm also keen on this little grey fellow

If you're in the mood for a surprise, get your paws on a cat lucky dip bag, which alas does not contain a real cat, but instead a one-off necklace and lots of other bits and bobs like pocket mirrors, badges, stickers and more. 

Fancy a few cat cuties on your wall? A set of four art cards, each depicting a different moggie wreathed in foliage, sets you back just £5.

If you like cats (and if you don't, well done for reading this far), go and have a look at the rest of the I Like Cats shop. It's a treasure trove of meows, purrs, and probably the occasional overzealous headbutt.  


  1. I would marry any man with a collection of vintage cat books. I can't believe I've never searched for '"I like cats" on Etsy before, especially given how often I search for "I love unicorns".

  2. Love cats! To the point I've been to the Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe. That's what hardcore cat lovers do:

    1. Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe is one of my lovely stockists too :)

    2. I like with a fluffy cat who enjoys getting up in my face while I drink tea. He smashes my teacups and steals my cake. It's hard for me to get excited about a cat cafe.

  3. Thank you so much for the awesome blog post!! So glad you like cats (and glitter) as much as me!! =^._.^=

    Toby x (@TobyilikeCATS)


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