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Monday 3 March 2014

Shop in the Spotlight: Holly's House

Holly Wick is a girl with fabulous taste. So fabulous, that she's created Holly's House. I wish I could do this, but that would be called 'Sian's slightly messy flat that she meant to tidy up last night but instead fell asleep watching the Oscars'. Catchy. Anyway, Holly's House is a brilliant online shop where you can buy all manner of loveliness. Feast your eyes, readers. And forewarn your bank.

I have never coveted a wine glass as much as I'm coveting this one. It's £22 and I adore it. I want lots more of these in different shapes and sizes. Holly is going to get me very drunk because I'm sure this single glass will make me drink more red wine.

These dipped terracotta cups are so simple. They're not available until April but you can pre-order them now. They're £12.95 and need hot chocolate in them. And churros for dunking. Holly is making me worry for my disposable funds. And churro consumption.

YUM. Oh, if I had my way every single accessory in my flat would be bright yellow. This peacock chair is £95. Holly is making me want to decorate and paint everything bright colours.

J'adore. Oh, Holly is making me love typography and you know how fussy I am about that. Also, speaking of all things romantic, there's a wedding list section that you can perve on. Flora and Harry have very excellent taste indeed. Have a brilliant wedding, guys. Send us a slice of cake.

I do like this enamel tray, it's much more interesting than the usual blue and white. Holly is making me want to bake things in nice trays. And then serve things up in the trays a la Channel 4 TV chef.

Do you remember Lee Broom's crystal light bulbs? If it's possible, I think I like these decanter pendant lights even more. They're over £200, though. I don't think I like Lee as much as Holly, he makes me love things that I cannot have.

Oh, this silver apple necklace is so cute. And it's in the sale so it's only £56. It's handmade and utterly adorable. Basically, I've concluded from all of these lovely things that I really want Holly to be my new BFF.

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