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Thursday 21 May 2009

The Big Sleep: Penguin Deckchairs

As a book geek, I'm a big fan of the classics. Not for actual reading of course. But for putting on my bookshelf to make me look clever! It works better if you read the back so you get the gist of the book. But I do love the simple Penguin designs that are now adorning everything from cups to tea towels and everything those black and white birds can put their stamp on.

But until this morning, I'd never seen these deckchairs. I want them all. And they're only £64.99 from Crocus (sooooo much cheaper than the last deckchair I showed you!). That's around the same price as a set of their coffee mugs. I'd like to buy them as a set and sit in my chair and drink my coffee at the same time. And then have a nice Big Sleep.


  1. these are fab! such an simple but iconic design.
    I don't know which I would choose! x

  2. If I ever used my garden, I'd get on in a flash. But, they don't have one for Jane Eyre, so I've never bought any of the collection. That would sway me.


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