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Tuesday 5 May 2009

Pretty Tea Light holder or Stunning shadow-caster?

The lovely people at Magma have been doing some sterling work recently. Just look at this as proof...It's just so pretty that I shed a little tear every time I think about it.

The jury is out as to whether or not to call it a tea-light holder (just doesn't seem to do it justice) or a shadow-caster (sounds a bit too new age to me!) but either way it's lovely. I like to think of it as a mobile work of art - like having flowers but not (so its even kind to the environment and cost effective too!). There are other beautiful designs as well including birds, trees and (funnily enough) birds in trees, but this is my favourite. Go and see them and see what tickles your fancy.


  1. What a fab idea. I had a little Christmas tea light holder before, where the heat from the candle made a little carousel of angels spin round above it while it was on. Cute.

  2. Oooh, I love this, what a great idea!


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