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Monday 18 May 2009

Home Office: Cox & Cox Notice Board

Cox & Cox can be annoying at times. For some reason they see fit to send me a new catalogue every month. Or sometimes two in a week! And they can be a little bit twee. But, if you're looking for something sleek (and indeed, twee) then they're a good place to start. As I've just put a new writing desk in my bedroom, I think I need this notice board too. It'll help me procrastinate while I choose what pretty photos I choose to pin on it. It comes with the bird images and the little egg shaped pins too!


  1. I love this! I have a regular old cork noticeboard at home that I've been meaning to put up on my wall for ohhhh, about a year. But I think I haven't because deep down I know it's ugly as fuck. I would happily put this up on my wall though. The bird's nest and egg pins are a sweet touch.

  2. Unfortunately, the bird's nest doesn't come with. Apparently it's "stylist's own" - WHO carries a bird's net abut in their pocket?

    But, you could get something similar from any garden shop and make your own.


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