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Friday 15 May 2009

Sexy Storage: Enamel Magazine Rack

Finding a pretty magazine rack to match the rest of my bedroom has been really tough. They're just all very plain and very very ugly. So instead, my magazines get strewn all across the floor, across my desk, and everywhere really. I read a lot of magazines and this enamel magazine rack is perfect. It's pretty and it matches everything in my bedroom too. Now I have even more of an excuse to curl up in bed with the latest issues of Living Etc.

It's Rocha John Rocha from Debenhams Homewares and it's on sale at the moment for £32. A tad pricey, but it'll last forever.


  1. I love this magazine stand- I want it for my house! x

  2. I want it too! If it was my birthday soon then someone would have to buy it for me. It's not though, I'll have to think of another plan!


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