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Monday, 18 May 2009

Stuff Your Doodles!

I like doodling when I'm on the phone. My notebooks and all of those important letters I'm meant to file look very pretty indeed with all of the flowers and monsters that I doodle all over them. And some clever company thought that maybe people would want to turn their doodles into cuddly toys! Look at this little fella!

How much do you wanna get doodling right this second? Well get to it! The price of each doodle guy varies, but just send Stuff Your Doodles your work of art and they'll tell you how much it'll cost before they get sewing. Best idea ever!


  1. hi!
    I had a look at stuff your doodle and thought it was fantastic. Do you think you could tell me how much your adorable toy cost?
    thank you

  2. Hi Rose,

    This isn't my doodle I'm afraid! We used this image from their website. If you send them your picture, they'll tell you how much your little fella will cost before they make him come to life.


  3. Siany,
    Thank you for replying so promptly. Don't worry. I shall have a go at doodling and hope to send an image today!


  4. Hi there! 3 questions! 1. How long does it take for them to be made? 2. How will u let me know how much it costs!? 3. Whats the cheapest that they usaully sell for?

  5. Last thing, what adress do i send my doodle to?


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