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Monday 11 May 2009

I really do pity the fool - Mr T Towel

Here at Domestic Sluttery HQ we love a bit of vintage. Quite where retro crosses over into vintage I really have no idea but I have a feeling it might not be the 1980s. However I can't help but get excited over the brilliance of this Tea Towel...

Yes...It's a Mr T Towel. Not only is it 80s-tastic it's also ironic too - much like the fabulous Rubik's cube salt and pepper shakers we featured a while back..

We all know that Mr T also had a penchant for a subtle touch of the jewels himself, so just for today I'm making Mr T an honorary Domestic Slut. But just for today mind. We have the brilliant people over at To Dry For to thank for this stroke of brilliance.

Go see them - they make tea towels that make the world a better place.

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  1. Oh yes! I have and love this tea-towel. I can't believe that I can covet tea-towels as much as I do but I am thinking about buying a few more of my Mr T. Towel as it is already starting to wear out and I don't want to not own one. I am a class A nerd.


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