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Friday 22 May 2009

Oliver Bonas love-in

I've always been a huge fan of the wonderful people at Oliver Bonas but just recently I noticed that they are doing even better than ever! Top marks to whoever it is who sits in their head office buying things (and can I perhaps get that job?) as they've really hit the mark - as you can see from our post last week on their gorgeous wicker basket bag). Not convinced? Check these out, and some of them are in the sale. Yes - SALE!! I know!

This cushion of loveliness is £25.45! And check out this lovely candlestick - quite literally a candle-stick! At £77.32 I will just have to covet this one for now. (I'm also wondering if this buyer person is also making up random prices, explaining the bizarre additional 45p and 32p?)

My favorite though is this rather genius set of indexed chopping boards!

How brilliant are they? I regularly wish that I had a more organised kitchen (seriously the draining board currently resembles some sort of ceramic jenga / cutlery buckaroo challenge) and these are just the thing to get me sorted. And methinks £42 is a small price to pay for chopping board and kitchen perfection!

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