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Friday, 29 May 2009

If only cupcakes grew on trees...

Imagine, if this cupcake tree stand from John Lewis was actually real! A bit like a Willy Wonka or Hansel and Gretel kinda fairy tale. Cupcakes growing from trees would be the best. Until someone actually invents a world that looks like my imagination, I'll have to settle with buying this for £25 instead.


  1. How many cupcakes does it hold? I find it so annoying that so many of the cupcake stands hold 13 or 25. Now, if it were 11 or 23, I'd be all for it because that would mean the baker could secretly gobble one up (ahem), but 13 or 25 is a pain. Finally I solved the problem, though: a tiny cupcake-sized bunch of flowers in a silicone cupcake holder for the top one.

  2. Looks like they read your mind - take a look at the site. It holds 23.

  3. Don't buy it there though - I got mine for a fiver on Amazon...


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