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Monday 18 May 2009

Sweet, sweet dreams: Shawn Lovell Metalworks tree bed


There is something deeply, irrevocably ingrained in my DNA that draws me like a helpless, financially disabled zombie towards items that are way above and beyond my budget. I promise you, it's actually some sort of genetic illness or mental defect. Give me a copy of Grazia, open it to any page, and immediately my eyeballs will bypass the £90 dress or the £60 clutch and zero in on the £1,200 boots.

Groan. Sigh.

Enter Shawn Lovell Metalworks, and their stupid, hateful, beautiful, incredibly perfect, wonderful, almost-as-if-they-know-me, pretty, stunningly gorgeous, oh-god-I-want-it-so-much-I-could-weep metal tree bed frame.

I know this probably isn't to everyone's tastes - it might even be a bit obnoxious. It's kind of a bold, centre-of-the-room statement piece rather than something that just goes beautifully with everything.

But I love it. It has a sort of fairytaley, Snow Whitey feel to it. In this bed, I would always sleep in silk nightgowns. And when I woke up in the morning, tiny singing bluebirds would lay my clothes out for me and tie back my hair in a ribbon. And then a handsome member of some far-flung royal family would sweep into my bedroom and say, "There you are! I love you! Let me buy you pretty things and put you up in my awesome palace!"

So many things are possible with a bed like this.

As long as you have $US15,000 to buy it in the first place.


  1. You realise you're going to have to decorate your whole room with Snow White type things? You'll end up with rabbits painted on your walls.

  2. I wants it! It's like it's been lifted from a fairytale.

  3. Oh my god. That is the best bed it! want it!

  4. I'm okay with decorating my room with Snow White things. As long as those things don't include seven creepy, vertically challenged, rosy-cheeked singing men.


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