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Wednesday 13 May 2009

Home Sweet Home: The Tord Boontje’s Daedalus Lamp

Now, you know it’s a rarity for us Domestic Sluts to complain. We try hard to keep our dispositions sunny, but sometimes it can be tricky. Like when it’s weeks until payday, but we’ve fallen head over heels in love for this beauteous Icarus-inspired feathery lamp, by Tord Boontje. But when it’s reduced to half price, it’s an even more tempting purchase: at the moment it’s just £65 at Pedlars. We’ll just console ourselves with the thought that it’d probably be a bitch to keep clean of dust.


  1. I LOVE this. Not just a little bit either. I really really really want this. Mine. Gimme.

  2. They won't last long at that price either. We might have to fight for it.


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