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Tuesday 12 May 2009

Whimsical fanastical - Kate Wilson art

I've just recently discovered the world of Kate Wilson, and its a fun one at that. I wasn't the first to get in on the act sadly, she's already worked with The New York Times, Marc Jacobs, Liberty of London, and The Guardian. At present she's selling some brilliant pieces through Hannah Zakari and the following prints can be yours for just £20.

This one is called 'George wanted to be an iced gem more than anything'. Come to think of it - now I do too!

Or how about Shirley. She lives by my motto: "The bigger the better" (although it has to be said that I, much like Shirley, am somewhat forced into that motto by my misbehaving hair!)
She's not all birds though...check out her other works here, including some brilliant food inspired works like these including the brilliant 'anatomy of a banana split'. Good work Kate, keep it up!

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