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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Onion Goggles. Stop the tears, save chopping your finger off...

I'm a weeper, I'm not going to lie to you. I hate any recipe that calls for chopped onion, because I know I'll be in tears halfway through the first slice. So allow me to get all practical on you. No cupcakes or flock wallpaper here, sorry. But there is some pink...

You see, I'm sorely tempted by these Onion Goggles. Yes, Onion Goggles! They actually exist! You may laugh, but as someone who actually did once resort to wearing swimming goggles to chop some particularly strong onions, these are actually a lifesaver. And they come in pink for girls and white for people who don't want to look like complete idiots. Sublime or ridiculous, I've yet to decide, but I know next time I'm preparing a spag bol, I'll wish I'd splashed out £14.99 on a pair!


  1. How good are these! I hate chopping onions, I think I may have to order the pink ones!

  2. Can you use sunglasses? Does that work? I kinda like the idea of seeing you in swimming goggles. Hehehe!

  3. Whatever happened to breathing through your mouth, chopping them underwater, sucking a spoon?

    So many ways to make yourself look silly when chopping onions, so little time!

  4. Sian, wraparound sunglasses just about work...or using spanish / red onions and a really sharp knife, and just sucking it up. But I sort of love these for their ridiculousness. Someone saw a gap in the market, no?!

  5. I like them. No one makes pink glasses. I want them.

  6. I heard that if you leave the onions in the freezer, they won't make you cry! Love the pink though!


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