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Thursday 21 May 2009

The White Company candles

My housemate V introduced me to a deep, unshiftable love of scented candles. We cannot get enough of them. The very best and loveliest, as far as I'm concerned, are from The White Company. At £16 a pop, they're pretty reasonably priced (although not exactly cheap) and will last for awhile.

And they smell so gooooood. V's favourite is Cassis and I love, love, love Mustique. Ooh - I also recommend the Mustique hand moisturiser. It's the only moisturiser I can keep on my desk and reapply constantly throughout the day without my male colleagues making squishy-nose faces at the flowery girlishness of it all. And yet... it's still flowery and girlish. Win.


  1. Love the White Company candles. Sadly, can never afford to fork out. Maybe it's one of those things that should be permanently on one's birthday/christmas list!

  2. LOVE them. Seychelles is my favourite.

    It's worth buying their gift sets - I can't afford the candles on their on but the gift sets come with one and they're only £30. My candle has been going strong for months!

  3. Yeah, they are a little on the outside of what I would normally spend on candles, but they last for aaaaages and are so lovely.


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