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Wednesday 29 July 2009

Art deco wantiness at The Lavender Room

I adore art deco. But only in small doses. I hate the thought of a whole room decorated in art deco style - it's a very strong look and it's very easy to get wrong. But the occasional nod to the style works very well. I can't afford that lovely art deco ring I featured a while back, but I might be tempted by this crystal perfume bottle from The Lavender Room.


  1. So how do perfume bottles work, exactly?

    Do you buy a bottle of perfume and decant?

  2. Aaaah, most of these are just for decoration. But you can put other lovely things in them like toner and stuff.

    BUT! Some perfumes that you buy at department stores can be bought in refillable bottles for swanky little atomisers.

    Or y'know, you can just look at them because they're pretty.


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