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Monday 27 July 2009

Ask the Sluts: How do I get the boudoir feel on a budget?

I read a post on my friend Emma's blog last night about how to jazz up a bedroom on a budget. And it's not easy. But, there are ways you can make it look like you've spent a bit of cash, without really splurging. Emma was looking for a boudoir feeling in her room, and she's gone for a purple colour. So how best to get maximum impact on minimum spends?
  • Start with the bed. It's the focus point of the room and the easiest way to update your space. More pillows! A new duvet cover! Throw in some swanky sheets and you're pretty much done.
  • If you're looking for something a little fancier, what about a mosquito net? It's the easiest way to make your room look fancy without making much effort.
  • Can't afford a whole new duvet set? Invest in a jewel coloured throw. It'll last for years.
  • Emma's room is purple, which is great for the sexy boudoir feel, but it can be a little cold. So, if you can't afford a chandelier, get yourself some pretty wall sconces. They'll brighten up the room and if you can find some with a golden glow, you'll keep your regal look as well as getting a nice light.
  • Gold is a less obvious colour than the standard black and purple. Pick up little things that will add a bit of glam to the room without it being overkill. One pillow case, a picture frame. Just little things and they'll bring the whole room together.
  • Buy some dramatic curtain tie-backs. For some reason, tie-backs make a room look very snazzy. They're cheaper than buying brand new curtains, but they look fab.
  • Fancy something really unusual? If you're lucky enough to have wooden floorboards, go to town with some dark lacquer. Living Etc recently designed a room recently with hot pink furniture and black floors. Very sexy indeed. It's not for the faint-hearted, so a black rug or dark statement wall would be a good compromise. Turn things on their head.
What decorating tricks do you guys have? Help Emma make her bedroom look fit for a queen! And of course, if you have your own baking and decorating woes, just drop us a line and we'll be happy to help!


  1. Venetian glass jewellery boxes-expensive and glamourous looking-but at a bargain price!

  2. Trawl charity shops/car boot sales for nasty old faded pictures in moulded frames. Sand them down, spray paint in rich tones to match your colour scheme and replace the pictures with glossy fashion magazine pages or covers, pretty greetings cards or postcards, or even artists' prints ordered from Etsy.

  3. I've just done my bedroom up for a boudoir look on a budget.

    - I primed and spray painted end of curtain finals from pine to white (pole was already metal).

    - I bought a large baroque-y style mirror from ebay for £15 and masked it and spray painted it dull silver - looks fab.

    - Snaffled some lovely beaded Laura Ashley throws and pillows at a bargain price from a friend who was redecorating.

    - Ebay again for cute little dressing table and stool.

    - Bought some gorgeous wallpaper but tres expensive so just doing one wall and the others painted ...looks just dandy :)

    - Changed old wooden knobs on wardrobes for chunky glass ones.

    - Hung lots of thick tassels (tie backs) and pretty beads about.

    Looks pretty neat and I'm very happy (either that or I'm high from all the spray paint).

    Sianie x

  4. While you're trawling the charity shops looking for pictures, keep an eye out for fabrics. They sometimes get some good stuff lurking amongst the curtaining. Use it to make cushion covers, bolsters etc. Remnant boxes in fabric shops are good sources too.

  5. Such great ideas from everyone! I'm actually going to try my hand up 'upcycling' soon! That Kirstie Alsopp woman makes it look very easy...

  6. Keep clutter out of the way. Stash make-up etc in gorgeous boxes.

  7. Thanks for all your help! I'll be making a trip to some of my local charity shops soon. If it's good enough for Mary Queen of Charity Shops... :)

  8. I think that painting the room a luscious color is a really good first step. You've got so many great ideas, it's hard to add any more! :)


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