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Thursday 9 July 2009

What recipe makes going home worthwhile?

There's always one recipe that your mum (or indeed your dad) can make better than anyone. It makes trips home much more worthwhile if you can intersperse the "why haven't you got a boyfriend?" conversations with yummy food. For me, it's my mum's roast dinner, and fellow slut Alex's mum makes a great chicken curry.

But what about you guys?! Tell us in the comments what your mum's best recipe is! If you wanted to be really really nice to us, you could email the recipe to us. But if like our mum they're top secret, just make us hungry with yummy food stories!

Flickr image from Annie Mole's photostream.


  1. For me it's Dad's curry (what can I say, I'm from the Midlands!). It's been tweaked and perfected over about 15 years and it's better than anything I've ever had in a restaurant.

    He also makes a seriously good chocolate cake that will always be known as 'daddy cake' because it was the only thing he made when I was a child.

    Obviously my mother can cook too, but I think because dad did it less, it was always more of a memorable event.

  2. When I moved out, my mum asked me what I'd like as a kind of "last supper". Of course, it was roast lamb with all the trimmings. My mum is an excellent cook, but nothing beats her roast potatoes!

  3. Ah, sadly my mum can't cook to save her life. But every pancake day my dad would make the best ever pancakes and he let me toss them all (which usually resulted in a few casualties, particularly in my younger years)!

  4. Being from that part of the world, my Dad's Yorkshire Pudding is the stuff of legend. Eaten for afters with jam, as well.
    My Mum always makes Pavlova in the summer - apparently the trick is to leave the meringue on a very very low heat overnight to make it all collapsed and chewy - none of this fluffy nonsense!

  5. I'm sorry, did you say "with jam"?

  6. My Dad makes the best pot roast in the world. Seriously, you could stop wars with it. I'm not sure if it's the addition of smoked paprika, or him studding the beef with cloves of garlic or what, but it is truly amazing.

    When I'm in America, I always get my Bubbie to make me a massive pot of her Chicken Soup with matzo meal dumplings. It cures everything you could possibly think of, and it always reminds me of her, and the way she'd look after me when I was ill when I was a nipper.


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