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Wednesday 22 July 2009

Crafty fun: Craft Guerrilla's Crafternoon

Last week, a couple of the sluts decided to check out Crafternoon. We've told you about it before, but this was the first time that we weren't hungover on a Saturday, and actually remembered that the event was coming up. Hurrah! So off we skipped to the Old Queens Head on the Essex Road to hang out with the Craft Guerrilla.

And it was fun! Really good fun! A little quiet when we arrived, but we didn't mind. We just wanted to sit in a huddle and gossip with our sewing and knitting. A bit like a crafty witches coven (that's more a comment on our silly cackling than the lovely people amongst the craft community).

I've learnt I'm not too good at sewing. Even though the craft kits are really easy. I was trying to make a cute little stuffed pear, and it would have been finished had I not sewn one of my sides inside out. I sulked and drank wine after that. Whilst I was doing that, Domestic Slut Jane learnt how to do a purl stitch so she was happy knitting away. I kept pricking my finger. A lot. I predicted I would.

You can take your own project to Crafternoon, and if there's a group of you you'll have heaps of fun. It's a nice pub, with friendly ladies (we didn't see any guys there, but I'm sure they lurk occasionally). I'd happily come back here. If for no other reason than the fact it forces you to do something instead of watching Gossip Girl on DVD.

Crafternoon is held once a month at The Old Queens Head on Essex Road in Angel. Hopefully we'll see some of you next month.

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