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Friday 3 July 2009

I wish for lovely long legs

I have the shortest legs in the world* and if I could change something about my body, the top of the (quite long) list would be to have longer legs. I am aware of some medieval torture-esque operation that could help but that's a bit much. I'd rather get this necklace instead (and its a bit cheaper - at £185).

I am aware that it is a little bit creepy though. Make up your mind by going to see the people at Beyond the Valley.

* NB this may not be completely factually accurate, (but it does feel like it).


  1. My inside leg measurement is 26". Bet yours are longer than that!

  2. Dagnammit! They are....28 1/2. But I do have a very long torso in comparison so they seem even shorter!


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