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Thursday 16 July 2009

Domestic Review: Bellevue Tea

After taking part in NomNomNom at the weekend (vote for us, stop reading this and go and vote for us), I got me a little goodie bag to take home. My favourite bit? The free tea! FREE TEA! It's the best present you could ever give me. Almost better than jewellery.*

Bellevue Tea to be specific. I've been supping the special breakfast tea this week and I'm impressed. Really impressed actually. It's got more of a kick than you'd expect, and if you're hungover (like I have been for most of this week) then you need that. But it's not a kick in a 'wow this tea is strong' kinda way. I don't like overly strong tea. It's more 'oooh, this actually tastes of something! Yeah!' and well, that's pretty damn cool. I'm only needing two cups a day so they're doing something right.

I've got heaps of flavours to work through, but they might just have converted me. I got given the fab little gift set which is a bargain for a fiver. But you can buy their brekkie tea for £2 for 25 bags. It's not cheap but it is tasty.

*Not really.

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